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"During a lot of time Caciporé Torres worked with hard and heavy materials such as iron. His work was also made of hardness and rigidities. A chosen and planned extended surface in development and, like eruptions, cones and forms that appeared and stood out themselves. Plates and projections, seams in the metal, anything with a very industrial, very upright appearance, of a marked; rough and definitive personality. An artist of this era, an artist of an industrialized center. A man that saw and was formed in a century that has seen two world wars, the political rebuilding of all continents, extermination wars, restricted wars, people without land, exiles' crowds, destroyed nature dead rivers, polluted and radioactive regions. And that also saw the man in the moon, the development of psychology, the revaluation of emotion, the retaking of humanism, the sympathetic fights of pursued men, the resurgence of sacred.

Caciporé Torres is the sensitive man and the artist of this period. What is expressed by the tortured forms of its sculpture and also by the respect to doing and by the formal rigidity of his art. The identification of tbe torture and the faith in the man's work. In a spiritual approach, he would be related to artists such as Giacometti, Bacon, Chadwick. In Brazil, Caciporé represents an outstanding presence through many years, a sign and a symbol of a road through which the country goes ahead, a proud conscience of the needs of the urban and a significant figure of the cultural activity.

After many years, the artist makes again an individual exhibition. During his absence, Caciporé was present through large works for public spaces. In his return he brings us a soft and gentle material, bronze. The forms are conducted to a more elaborated aesthetic concern and the artist plays with plans, oppositions and rhythms, with a dialogue between the plane surface and the volume and mainly with an extraordinary discussion of the sculpture subjects established in his work. In this way, Caciporé Torres is concerned and exposes to us the question of monumentality, demonstrating once again that monumentality is related only with the proportion among the several parts, not with their size. The other question arisen by his work is the result obtained with the opposition of rhythms and plans. In these works, Caciporé honors works and sculptors, retaking themes and putting them again on the agenda. It is also necessary to notice that the sculptor remains faithful and coherent with his main concerns: volumes, lacerated matters, interruptions of rhythms. The aim is to accomplish the design of a symbol, to build a monument for the twentieth century.

por Jacob Klintovitz

  • Caciporé Torres mostra nova linha de trabalho
    Caderno 2 - 18 de agosto de 1999 por ANA WEISS


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